Apartments for Rent in Hastings, NE

Looking for properties to rent can be a difficult task. When you are browsing, you want to have access to a company that truly knows the area and cares about those in it. Contacting our company, Maendele Properties, LLC, in Hastings, NE, guarantees that you receive the best service around and that you’ll have access to everything the area has to offer. 

The transition to college is an exciting and rewarding time. If you need a place to stay, immerse yourself in the community by renting one of our apartments right in the middle of the city. With easy access to cafes and grocery stores, you will find everything you need to successfully and happily live on your own. 

If you are a small business owner looking to relocate to the city, contact us. We have spaces for rent all throughout the area and are happy to help you find the place where your business will thrive. Even start-up businesses will love our locations, as they are in close proximity to apartments and in the heart of other common attractions. We also have a variety of homes to choose from throughout Adams County that are perfect for a family. 

When you need help finding the right property for any commercial or residential need, don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to providing for you and letting you explore all that we have to offer.  

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Clean Properties

We make sure that all of our properties are extremely clean and in great condition. We wouldn’t want to live in a place that was dirty or rundown, and we don’t expect you to either. 

Apartments in the City

The middle of the city is a perfect place for college students and those who love the hustle and bustle of it all. All our apartments are properly maintained and ready for you to make it a home. 

Friendly Service

When you contact us, we are fully committed to helping you get exactly what you want. We will browse all of our properties with you and make sure to take account of your lifestyle and hobbies when recommending what is available. 

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